Empower Your Life.

All Day Long.

RU Plus dramatically improves the most important aspects of your campus life. It introduces  the most advanced bus schedule systems. Now you can also keep all the class data and food data right in your hand. The most specular Campus forum and Moment Square. The comprehensive Student Market and Activity Center. This is RU Plus. Make you live better at Rutgers.

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Check Your Bus, Class, Food and More

Anything other Rutgers Apps can do, is our starting point.

Activity Center

Organize Events, Dates and Trips Anytime

You can organize any kinds of activities such as events, parties, dates, and trips on our Activity Center. Having hard time to gather more people? Here is the best place to find new friends.

Student Market

Buy and Sell Your Stuff at Rutgers

With the advance Student Market System, you can buy and sell whatever you want at Rutgers. Since the the Student Market opens to Rutgers Students only, all the deal can be done at Rutgers without shipping.

Share Your Status to The Entire Community

Just Post Anything You Want to Say, The Public Will See. 

No Need to Be Shy, We Even Support Anonymous Status.

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Available on the App Store and Google Play.